Our Goal

“Are we there yet?”

In 2006 a group of dedicated volunteers got together and formed the Momence Theatre Friends. They purchased the Historic Momence Theater that was built circa 1928, which had sat empty since the early 70’s. The Momence Theatre Friends planned to give the old theater, new life. Dedicated people donated money and a lot of work was accomplished by this group and the many other volunteers that came forward to help them.

In 2013 the project picks up where it left off, with the Momence Theatre Friends revitalized and ready for the challenge! Please take the time to watch the short video on the home page of this website to see our vision for the new MOMENCE THEATER & COMMUNITY ARTS CENTER.

We can’t do it alone. Only through your support by adopting bricks, making donations and donating your time, can we reach our goal and become a destination place for the community to enjoy once again. Be a big part of Momence History and come forward today!

Becoming Reality…